The Kelson Legacy! (Special Preview)

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The Kelson Legacy! (Special Preview) Empty The Kelson Legacy! (Special Preview)

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Welcome to the Kelson Legacy!
Q: I thought you where doing the Hampton legacy wiz!?
A: I am. The Kelson Legacy is an add-on to the Hampton's!
2Q: What do you mean add-on?
2A: Well remember the nerdy teen Rose? SHE GOT MARRIED! The wedding was a disaster though.
In Short:
Rose grew up poorly and moved out of her home. Jade was sick with the flu when I left and Juliana is expecting another child. Juliana gave birth to a daughter named Hadden who will be taken Rose's bed. Kenai aged up "so-so." Back to Rose she moved out next door in a smaller home. She got a job in the science career. She got a promotion then lost it due to a poor choice by me. So any way she came home early and called the matchmaker. She had three "love matches" but they all failed. She headed out to a club and met Knut. She and Knut hit it off instantly but after she returned home he didn't want to talk to her any more. Due to her failed "love matches" I created a sim named Daimen Kelson. Daimen moved into the spear room and got a job in the cullinary career. Daimen and Rose didn't hit it off automatically. But eventually over time they became "crushes" then Damien proposed to her. The wedding was OMG. After they had their ceremony Rose "influenced Titiana Summerdream to fight with Knut." She wanted her to fight him because she was still angry over her broken heart. After the battle Rose "influenced Juliana to kiss Knut." (She hates Knut btw.) Things didn't work out well because Max was angry with Juliana. Jade and Kenai where also mad. At 6 pm Rose shooed everybody. That night while Damien was asleep Rose headed over to the bowling alley to get something to eat. Exclamation When she got home she cleaned up the house. And that's where our point starts.
What do you guys think so far!?
I'll be posting up wedding pics tomorrow.

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