GO THE DISTANCE PART II (Misleading title) :)

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GO THE DISTANCE PART II (Misleading title) :) Empty GO THE DISTANCE PART II (Misleading title) :)

Post  Wizplace on Tue Apr 10, 2012 11:38 pm

I actually think that this one little snipbit is better than the actual video. I'm reuploading Colors of the Wind by the end of this week. The reason is because I'm reamaking a small portion for my speech. Can you guess what it is?
I personally think it stands out alot. It's the part where ******** **** and **** in water ****. What is it?
I've been working on it all night. It's 10:37 in Michigan right now. I'm going to bed at 11:30 give or take that it's done. But I MAY reupload Colors of the wind soon.
*I need more muvizu members!

GO THE DISTANCE PART II (Misleading title) :) 359g6rm

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