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Post  Wizplace on Sat Jan 28, 2012 9:49 pm

Congratulations you have made it abroad to my new forum just remember there are some rules:
Illegal Activities
  1. Do not share account information
    Do not post copyrighted material
    Do not request any links to pirated materials

[list=1][*] No swearing
No flaming or trolling
Trolling: Is deliberately posting sarcastic, off topic, or rude remarks in order to incite a fight on the boards. Take the high road and be polite. Respect others even if their opinions differ from yours. (It's natural to disagree so don't take it personally.)
No spamming or flooding: (Limit your bumps people more than 3 is considered spamming and posting something in more times will result in a ban.)
  1. Remember don't post any personal information
    Keep your post clean
    Do not impersonate anyone including our Moderators and Administrators
    Don't go off topic on forums

Posting Information
  1. Do not create multiple threads for the same topic (Keep it in one place people)
    Do not hijack threads (Hijacking is taking a thread and turning it into something else)
    Do not post threads with misleading titles (Example: "Help" when you actually mean I need cheat codes...)
    Use the search engine if your looking for something

Note: I check to see who comes here every now and again. I also check to see the last time you've post. It's not being harsh it's being the fact that I'm trying to boost members. I need active members who help this forum thrive. There's a lot of you active ones out there. So please help me out and don't let me post on my own.
Not posted since:
2-3 Months: Banned for 2-3 days
5-6 Months: Perminate Deletion of account
It's not harsh. I'm being real.

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