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The Complete Legacy List Empty The Complete Legacy List

Post  Wizplace on Sat Feb 25, 2012 1:43 am

Hi guys I'm here to post the complete legacy list for the Sims series. It all started with a man named Pinstar and ending with a list of wonderful challenges...
The Original Ten Generation Challenge:
Goals: It's a rag to riches story you start out with 1 founder and you try to make you Sim family rich and famous throughout 10 generations. No cheats, no mods, and no custom CC. Complete rules can be found in the link above ^^
Complete List
Alabetacy: Create a family. Start the founders name with letter "A" and the end with "Z." That's a 26 letter challenge for you!
Alphabetcy: Start generation 1 with "A" names, gen 2 with "B" etc.
Battle for Your True Colors:
Disney Legacy:
Hidden Trait Legacy:
Humble Beginings:
It's so Cliche
Life as We See It Challenege:
Ninja Legacy:
House Hopping Legacy:
Prettacy: Start with a hideous Sim and breed them to pretty
Rainbowcy: Start with a neutral colored founder, White/grey/tan ect and each gen you marry in new color, (Color order is left up the creator) by the end you have a rainbow of generations, and the most interesting genetics you have ever laid eyes on.
Selfacy: Use simself as your founder
Simon Says Challenge:
Starving Artist Legacy:
Through History Challenge:
Uglacy: Deliberately breed uglier and uglier Sims
Zodiac Legacy:
Vampire Legacy:
Additional Challenges:
10 Generations, 10 Kids Each Gene Challenge:
100 Baby Challenge:
1,000 Baby Generation Challenge:
All My Wishes Legacy:
Apocalypse Challenge:
Updated Wiki Page:
Asylum Challenge: Rules: or Forum Link:
Battle for Perfect Generations:
Build A City Challenge:
Chemical Garden Challenge:
Cinderella Story:
Clone Challenge: Rule:
o-run-some.html Forum Link:
Differences in Family Tree:
Epic Moodlet Challenge:
Fairytale Legacy:
Featuracy "Creature" Challenge:
Follow in my Footsteps:
For Every Generation there's a Genre:
Four Immortal Sisters Challenge:
Going for Broke:
Greek Mythology Challenge:
Hard Life Challenge:
Homeless Legacy Challenge:
Hotel Challenge:
Immortal Dynasty Challenge:,1810.0.html
Jack of All Trades:
Locked Away Challenege:
Love Them and Leave Them Challenge:
Mafia Challenge:
Man Plantin Project:
Moodlet Mayhem:
Mummy Town:
Nymph Project:
Opportunity School Challenge:
Project of Love Challenge:
Rags to Riches:
Rebuild the World:
Rock N' Roll Challenge:
Royal Kingdom Challenge:
Six Degrees of Separation Storytelling:
Sleeping Beauty Challenge:
Speed Legacy:
Survival Camp Challenge:
Three Little Sims Challenge:
Town DecaDynasty:,5005.0.html
Wishful Living Challenge:
Pets Challenges:
100 Pet Challenge:
Arc Builder Life Time Wish:
Alright so I think I covered it. As usual.
-Happy Simming.

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The Complete Legacy List Empty Re: The Complete Legacy List

Post  Wizplace on Sat Feb 25, 2012 1:45 am

The Complete Legacy List Disney1
From the Disney legacy challenge. I love this picture.

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